Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dick's Sporting Goods, Speedy Service with a Smile

A few months ago, my sister bought me a metal water bottle at Dick's Sporting Goods as a gift. It was beautifully designed with a flip top lid. Unfortunately, it leaked all over the contents of my purse. I returned it and upgraded to a purple Nathan brand water bottle with a silicone base, a flip up straw, and a clip to attach to a backpack. The second water bottle leaked on everything as well. The cup holder in my car always had a little puddle of water and my purse always had soggy spots in it. Strike two! I kept that Nathan water bottle for three months, leaking all the while, but didn't really like to use it.

I finally decided that enough was enough and walked into Dick's and explained that this was the second malfunctioning water bottle I had from their store in the past 3 months. The sales girl told me to pick out a new one and then looked up my Dick's reward card number because I didn't have a receipt. I found another water bottle and she let me exchange it. The best part was that since the new water bottle was $5 cheaper than the first one she gave me CASH BACK! I didn't even use my Dick's reward card when I bought the second water bottle. The sales girl was pleasant and did the exchange in a timely manner, plus I felt like she cared that I had been sold a defective product and really wanted to remedy the situation.

I will definitely return to Dick's Sporting Goods in Selingsgrove or Muncy in the future. I feel like there is trust between the salespeople and the customer (take a note Wal*mart). Two thumbs up for Dick's!